Treya Wi-Fi provides integrated technology solutions to the hospitality industry. We offer total technology solution, network monitoring and customer support to enabling hotels and hospitality venues focus on their core.

Every day the modern guests' requirement is getting increasingly complex. Our managed network solutions ensure that the hospitality venues' investment in technology is future proofed. We offer solutions keeping in mind the ever changing needs of today's hospitality industry's guests.

Most hospitality providers have a single High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) solution under their roof. They have one product that they say fits all. However, that is not true. Every different hospitality venue is different from each other in their requirements. They are different in size, standards, and tariffs and hence the consumption pattern will be different across different hospitality brands.

We have understood this gap in the market and aim to fill it with our array of products.

Whether your hotel is a stand-alone brand or it is an international brand, Treya Wi-Fi has the right solution for your brands HSIA needs.

Our products are tested and operational in international brands. We have now brought these products under Treya Wi-Fi to answer the unfulfilled needs of the Indian hospitality market.

The benefits of Treya Wi-Fi include:

  • Customizable user interface to cater to any hospitality brand standards
  • SMS authentication
  • A tailored experience to any guest, or group of guests, anywhere to any device
  • Single guest, multi-device support
  • Provide technology that can connect apple devices as seamlessly as android, windows and blackberry devices
  • Firewall and Log Management
  • Traffic Management
  • Bandwidth management and Load Balancing
  • Seamless integration with existing Property Management System (PMS)
  • Reporting
    • Real Time Reporting
    • Historical Reporting
  • Bandwidth Configuration
  • Provision of a Dashboard
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Authentication using Facebook/Twitter
  • Analytics that can recognize hotel guests and their behavior and produce patterns that can be used by hotel marketing teams

An unified experience that not only reduces operational challenges, drives business and increases guest satisfaction but also provides you a fair return on your investment.